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Born the July 28, 1987 in Nice in France, David Freak aka Davy Duthieuw, discover the electronic music very late, near 15.
He was influenced listening techno music, witch was commercialised more and more.
Since that, he was learning about artists and musics, more undergrounds.

He spent nights and days listening music to enlarge his culture, and to forge a personnal style.
And he discover the mix near theses years too, he bought his first turntables when he was 17.

All he could see and listen, helped him to inform himself, and to create his own technique.

Thanks to this, David is today a dj who has his own musical style, electro, house, différent, special, and unique.
He began mixing in clubs of côte d'azur in France when he was 18, where he was able to practice and show his talent.
He got a lot of congratulations and encouragement from people who can to danse in his music, notably the english dj Michael Gray he met with fortune thanks to the sound of his music.

David is progressively learnin musical composition, to make know his captivate style.

He has played here...

> DJ @ Casino of Grasse (France) (2007)
Electro, House, Généralist..


> DJ résident @ Charlot Bar in Nice (France) (2006)
Electro, House, Généralist..
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