My wORLd, mY LifE



Born on February 17th, 1987 in Mexico City. Where she has been living all his life.

Karen has studied in bilingual schools that have given her the ability to handle the English language as her second idiom, after Spanish.

In the academic sense Karen has made 1 year of medicine at “Medical School La Salle” that has given her some peculiar knowledge. And now at her 22 years, Karen is studying the career of “Management and International Business” at the “University Panamericana”; Karen has been highlighted by a strong commitment to their education and grades, and by consequence she has had the opportunity to make her sixth semester of her degree at the University “Jean Moulin 3” in Lyon, France.

It is important to say that Karen has been working in a company named Sharebu, where she has been able to develop her selling skills and her tactics with the clients.

Karen has not only been remarkable in the academic field, we can also mention that she has also participated in sports; practicing ballet, gymnastics and swimming mainly.

Karen enjoys reading, listening to music and painting to remove the stress. It seeks to spend much time close to her family and friends. She loves to travel and learn about different cultures. She loves shopping and movies.

In a short-term future Karen is planning to begin a master next in “Finances”, just after finishing her degree. She is also planning to continue working in an international company and in a medium-term future she plans to open her own enterprise something relation with imports and exports and other business of food.

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Karen Gomora Velazquez


Personal Information

  • Karen Gomora Velazquez
  • Age : 22
  • Gender : Female
  • Horoscope : Aquarius
  • Zodiac year : Rabbit




  • University : "Universidad Panamericana" 2006-2010 Mexico,D.F.
  • Degree : Interntional Business and Management
  • Exchange : January-June 2009 "Université Jean Moulin". France



Hobbies and more

  • Favorites books : Man´s Search for Meaning, The perfum, The Knight in Rusty Armor.
  • Favorite movie s: The notebook, Meet Joe Black, City of angels.